Electric Tea

Electric Tea (2010 – 2012)

Electric Tea is a series of art installations that put sound where it doesn’t belong. The series includes two pieces that I worked on. The first piece is called Peace Games which was exhibited twice in partnership with Playeum, an organization that stages events for children. The second piece is called Electric Tea, which we exhibited at the Urbanscapes festival in Kuala Lumpur. My collaborator on the project, Ion Furjanic later went on to build other Electric Tea installations which he exhibited in KL and New York.

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I worked on Electric Tea with my good friend Ion Furjanic, who moved to Kuala Lumpur soon after I moved to Singapore. An amazing composer and artist, Ion is constantly tinkering with sound. During one of his visits to Singapore he showed me some experiments he was working on combining sound and water. I proposed that we adapt the concept for a children. After prototyping the project in Kulala Lumpur, we took the concept to Sumitra and Jennifer of Playeum, who agreed to fund a full installation. We later built a second installation on our own. Working on Electric Tea was an amazing experience for me, both in terms of unlocking new perspectives on “product” development and in terms of building an amazing collaborative partnership.


ELECTRIC TEA 2.0 @ Urbanscapes Festival 2010 from Ion Ray on Vimeo.

Electric Tea 1.0 (Peace Games) from Ion Ray on Vimeo.

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