blinkBL_NK (2010 – 2013)

blinkBL_NK was a monthly speaker series where regular people shared their expertise about fascinating topics in a laid back environment. Each event featured three 20 minute talks followed by Q&A. Founded in 2009, blinkBL_NK  hosted 29 events and ~80 talks on everything from taxi pricing and sea piracy to gay rights and cultural heritage in Singapore. I was the main emcee for the event and helped source the speakers.

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I co-founded blinkBL_NK with Syaheed of Bedsty and Vika Enti in an effort to connect with new people and contribute something to Singapore. The format for blinkBL_NK was inspired by Nerd Nite, a multi-city speaker series driven by my friend Matt Wasowski. We also took inspiration from the TEDx program, which had kicked off a few months before we started. After incubating the event at, we shifted to Blu Jaz Cafe. blinkBL_NK’s informal and eclectic take on the speaker series  allowed it to remain unique and vital even as  Singapore’s monthly calendar filled up with an array of presentations and networking events.

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