Bidadari Disc Golf

Bidadari Disc Golf (2009-2013)

Bidadari Disc Golf is the only 18 hole disc golf course in Southeast Asia*. The course was created in 2010 by Luke Johnson, a passionate disc golfer who was then living in Singapore. I helped maintain the physical course as well as its blog and social media presence.

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If you’re not familiar with disc golf, it’s like ball golf except your replace the clubs + balls with flying discs and the holes with baskets, or in some cases poles. There are thousands of disc golf courses around the world, and even a professional tour. A typical round takes two hours and is usually free to play. I fell in love with the game in Singapore and took over  responsibility for the course when  Luke left Singapore in 2011. Working with some others, we switched out the wooden stick goals for more durable PVC pipes and later PVC tee markers.

The disc golf community in Singapore is small, but I believe the sport could grow considerably if there were a more official course with regulation baskets and a more concerted marketing effort. The Bidadari land is slated for development, but hopefully the course will last for a few years yet and eventually be replaced by something more permanent.

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* As far as we know there are no other courses in SEA, now that the course on Koh Samui in Thailand has fallen into disuse.