How We Use Asana to Build Products at Flatbook

This post first appeared on Flatbook’s Medium page  

Like all departments at Flatbook, our product and engineering teams rely heavily on Asana for task management and documentation. Though we fire up Google Docs often, Asana provides the center of gravity for our product development process. Over the past year of heavy usage, (Sprint 23 and counting), we’ve used Asana to support all major phases of our product cycle, from roadmapping and speccing to sprint planning and bug reporting. By centralizing our work within a single environment, we’ve managed to reduce complexity while maintaining structure. We’ve also found Asana’s features help us promote transparency and collaboration. While our product development processes are constantly evolving, we hope this snapshot of what we’ve built so far proves interesting, to other product teams using Asana, and to the larger conversation about the tools we use to build products.

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